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Made specifically for Casino Parties

  • 1 flat rate includes everything you need
  • Save with annual subscription
  • Unlimited email
  • 500 texts per month included
  • Unlimited administrators
  • Unlimited dealers
  • Unlimited events

Lets you staff your parties a snap

  • Each dealer has their own login to see parties and book themselves
  • Separate logins for each of your administrators
  • Easy to move staff from other scheduling programs with CSV
  • Works the same across all platforms- mobile, tablet, desktop

Powerful yet simple tool to manage your dealers

  • automatically matches dealers to parties by jobs and geographic areas
  • Open party to dealer ranks by number of days from party
  • Confirm, pending or reserve a spot for dealers
  • Open invitations
  • Private events
  • Google calendar
  • Easy to transfer dealers from 1 party to another
  • Printable Sign in and sign out sheets
  • Easy to identify double bookings
  • Waitlist for dealers when party is full

Email & Text make your job all the easier

  • Let dealers know when a party is available for them to book
  • Confirm dealer bookings
  • Lets you know when a dealer has booked a position
  • Sends a message to you when a dealer cancels
  • Invite a specific dealer to a position
  • Send an Open Invitation to those dealers you choose
  • Send a message to all dealers on your roster, or filter by criteria you choose
  • Email when a dealer signs up for a waitlist on full parties
  • Umlimited reminder messages to dealers, managers and setup crew
  • Welcome message to new dealer

Let Dealers book themselves to your parties

  • Each dealer has their own login to see parties and book themselves
  • Google Calendar & Google Maps make getting to your party easier for dealers
  • Pay Reports, After Party Reports and Dealer Rating included
  • After Party Reports and Dealer Rating only visible to Managers
  • You choose if dealers can see their own pay reports or not

Match dealers and partie easily by:

  • Rank
  • Area
  • Games

Management Control that's Powerful and Easy to Use

  • Customize names to those you use
  • Email & Text Logs
  • Manage Your Staff Users- Master Users and Admin Users
  • Arrange games & areas in the order you want
  • See account balance and renew online or purchase additional texts
  • Full Control over which Email & Text are sent out
  • Templates make it super easy
  • Express Start Up gets you going quickly

And so much more including...

  • Easy to use templates for Notes, Venues and Party Plannes
  • Customized fields- use the names you already use
  • Extensive User Guides to provide help
  • Tons of Reports
  • Message dealers on one specific party
  • Message all your dealers
  • Automatic party reminders- you set the frequency
  • 12 different email and text notifications
  • Extensive user guides and videos
  • ***First Class Personal Support- an email or phone call away***
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