There are TONS of great features in Dealer Bookings both for the Casino Party Companies and also for the dealers!
Casino Party Company Features
General Features

Separate areas for Casino Party Company and for dealers

Group dealers 3 different way:

By Geographic Area
By Games Dealt
By Rank

Create parties

In geographic areas
With as many games as you want
Open to dealers by ranks
  • Responsive help department - talk with a live person
  • We're continually working on improving the program based on ideas from casino party companies
  • Priced below the competition with more features!!!
  • You choose the subscription length you want based on what you want to pay
  • NO signup fee
  • Send Text messages automatically- under your control
  • We use Pay Pal to process your payments
    • All payments are processed through Pay Pal for your security
    • Pay Pal is an industry standard and helps maintain your credit card security
    • Dealer Bookings never stores your credit card information
    • All transactions are processed on the Pay Pal website, not on the Dealer Bookings website
    • You do NOT need a Pay Pal account to make payments through Pay Pal
    • We use Pay Pal to keep your credit card information confidential
    • PayPal's mission is to "build the web's most convenient, secure, cost-effective payment solution."
    • Quick At A Glance screen shows upcoming parties, potential problems, and more
    • What's New lists the most recent additions to Dealer Bookings
    • Tip of the Day shows tips to make your Dealer Bookings experience even better
    • Full list of parties by date
    • List shows date open to ranks, areas, games on events, and status
    • Add new party
    • Notify or invite dealers to parties
    • View past parties up to 2 years old
    • Repeat past parties up to 2 years old
    • View as calendar grid
    • View as short list with less info - easier to read
    • Print party list
    • See who's booked where: by party or by dealer
    • Venue Templates to avoid the hassle of entering venue info again and again
    • You set the date and times
    • Dealers can add confirmed events to their Google Calendar
    • Works with any @gmail email account
    • Helps keep dealers on time
    • Helps avoid no-shows
    • After each party your Lead Manager can rate dealers and the party
    • Rate on Dealer On-time
    • Rate speciflc game performance
    • YOU set the other questions for your Lead Manager
    • YOU set questions for After Party Report
    • View Dealer ratings on games BEFORE you book them
    • See who's on time, who's late and who no-showed
    • Each report emailed to you AND available online
    • YOU can edit each report
    • Helps keep you on top of dealers performance
    • Helps let you know right away how the party went
    • Great calendar date picker
    • Assign areas to event
    • Give dealers directions
    • Google map to event automatically generated for you and for dealers
    • Create notes that dealers on the party can see
    • Assign a manager and make notes just to the managers
    • Keep private notes about a party
    • Set the number of days you want each rank to know about the party
    • Automatic email and Text sent to dealers when you want
    • Easy to repeat party
    • Printable sign in sheets
    • Only dealers in the geographic area of a party and who deal games on the party will see the party on their calendar
    PARTIES - games and dealers
    • Option to send automatic email and text to newly cancelled, confirmed or pending or invited dealers
    • Shows dealers double booked this event
    • Alerts you to dealers booked on other parties on the same day
    • Assign dealers to games on the parties
    • Set dealers to confirmed, pending, invited or cancelled
    • Invite specific dealers to work specific games by email and text
    • Send general invitations to all dealers qualified to work event by email and text
    • Shows waitlisted dealers
    • Shows open invitations
    • Shows declines of specific game invitations
    • Shows dealers cancelled from event
    • See dealers you cancelled from the party
    • Email and textdealers on this party

    Dealers are classified in 3 ways::

    By rank
    By geographic area
    By games they deal

    Dealers are matched to parties by their rank, geographical area and games they deal

    Main Dealer page shows dealer info including rank, areas and games dealt

    Filter dealers

    By active/ inactive
    By Games Dealt
    By Rank
    By Areas
    By Email
    • Power Search dealers
    • See who works the most
    • Print dealer listing page
    • Add photo of dealer
    • Assign user id to each dealer
    • Allow dealers to choose their own password on their first log in
    • Keep confidential comments on dealers
    • Automatically send Welcome Message to new dealers
    • See Past and Current parties at a glance for each dealer
    • Log into dealer's account to see exactly what they see
    • Reset individual dealer log in password
    • Assign administrators their own user id and password
    • Edit your own personal profile
    • Edit Field Names to customize Dealer Bookings to the way you refer to things
    • Edit your company profile
    • Choose your default view to see the list calendar or a traditional grid calendar
    • View balance, payments, make payments and cancel subscription
    • Add new games or delete old ones
    • Add or change ranks
    • Add or change the geographic areas you serve
    • Edit the number of days before a party the dealers get a reminder email- unlimited!
    • Specify the number of days before a party a dealer can cancel without calling you directly
    • Customize your own Welcome Message to new dealers
    • See a list of all message send to dealers- up to 10 days in the past
    • Edit the colors of your masthead in your Admin side
    • Edit the colors of your masthead the dealers see
    • Set whether automatic messages to out when you confirm or cancel a dealer booking
    • Turn email and text on or off by type of message
    • Detailed reports on dealers, parties, games and more
    • See the number of dealers in each geographic area- broken down by rank

    Send emails & texts to multiple dealers at one time

    By login
    By name
    By area
    By rank

    Easily view all sent email blasts

    • Use our Quick Start guide to get up and running fast
    • Our Field Name setup guide explains how to use the names you currently use
    • Get Started is a more detailed guide on using the Dealer Booking system
    • Submit support tickets directly to our support department
    • FAQ's give you a list of common questions and their answers
    The Dealers' Side
    Dealers can book themselves on a party - set to pending until you confirm.
    Dealers' home page shows your custom message.
    Dealers can see parties as either a traditional calendar layout or as a list.
    Dealers do NOT see client or venue information until YOU confirm them on a party
    Dealers only see parties based on certain things:
    • If it's in a geographic area they are also in
    • If they deal one of the games on the party
    • If you have opened the party up to their dealer rank
    Dealers see their status for each party.

    Dealers can choose the games they want to deal.

    Dealers receive email and texts when booked, pending or canceled on an event

    Dealers can sign up for multiple game spots so they can bring a friend to work.
    If a party is full dealers can put themselves on waitlist.
    Dealers can cancel their bookings if needed.
    BOTH you and the dealer get email notifications when a dealer signs up for a party or cancels one.
    Dealers can see a list of all their current, past and waitlisted parties.
    Once confirmed dealers can see a carpool list of other dealers to ride with.
    Dealers can print full party information.
    Dealers can update their own personal information.
    Your contact information easily available to dealers.
    Updated and New Features

    We regularly add new features to Dealer Bookings based on our clients' requests!!!